What is RSS and what is a Feed?

You’ve seen the link to an RSS feed like this one before, right?

RSS feeds make it easy to track when your favorite websites are updated without having to go and check each site one at a time. Feedly is a favorite tool of many for this purpose. Just register for a free account and give Feedly the link to the RSS feed of the website you wish to follow and Feedly will show you new content whenever it is available. All you have to do is log in to your Feedly account when you wish to see what’s new. There are also Feedly apps for mobile devices.

Here are a couple of resources that will help you understand RSS feeds.

  • What Is RSS? RSS Explained — at WhatIsRSS.com
  • Also helpful is the article What is RSS? at ProBlogger.net
  • And this brief video is just what you need if want a quick and simple explanation of “RSS” or “feeds
    Video: RSS in Plain English

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