Welcome to the MARBC

Welcome to the website of the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

About the MARBC
The Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches came into existence on a state level in 1942 for the purpose of providing a medium of cooperation and fellowship among independent, fundamental, Baptist Churches of like faith in order to propagate and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Meet Our Executive Director
Rev. Ken Floyd has served as the Executive Director of the The Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches since October 2006. His wife Sharon serves as the MARBC Office Manager.
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Church Partnering Relationships – “CPR” Testimonies
Learn more about Church Partnering Relationships and read some of the Summer 2008 Ministry Testimonies from the October 2008 Baptist Testimony. We rejoice in the many CPR Initiatives that took place between sister churches in Michigan this summer. […Read more]

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