Two Articles Featuring One of Our Newest MARBC Churches

Planting a Migrant ChurchA recent edition of the Baptist Bulletin has two articles featuring the ministry of one of our newest MARBC churches, Grace Hispanic Baptist Bible Church.

Planting a Migrant Church
“By the time Isidro “Pepe” Morales pulls into the migrant camp, children are already running toward his car. Screen doors slam on the long white wood frame building where six families live in eight separate units. Calling each child by name, Pastor Pepe laughs with them, tosses a ball around, and then reminds them that Vacation Bible School is tonight, held at Rice Lake Baptist Church in Grant, Mich. He’ll stop by later to pick them up.” (Read the rest…)

A Story Only God Could Write
“‘The story starts when the king is going to bed—when the king falls asleep and has a dream that was scary,’ Joe Murray tells the children who are seated in rows of chairs. They’ve all had scary dreams, so Joe connects them straight to the account of King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2. Then Joe tells how the king forced everyone to pray to a statue, except for three young men who refused.” (Read the rest…)

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