Ministry Summary Fact Sheet

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The Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches (MARBC) is an association of independent, Bible- believing, Christ-honoring, Baptist churches. The MARBC came into existence in 1942 for the purpose of providing a medium of cooperation and fellowship among independent, fundamental, Baptist Churches of like faith in order to propagate and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Each partnering church is autonomous regarding its own ministries, decision making, and participation with the association. Because Michigan encompasses a large geographic area and has such a large number of churches, the state association is divided into 6 regional fellowships (Northern, Western, Eastern, Central, Southern, and Grand Rapids area). Each region offers ministry and fellowship opportunities for churches and church leaders.

MARBC Mission Statement: “The MARBC, compelled by the Word of God to reflect the glory and grace of Jesus Christ, exists to foster the mutual unity, partnership, and enrichment of our churches.

MARBC Vision Statement: “We are the MARBC, an association of autonomous local congregations with a commitment to stand together for the Faith and thereby impact our world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This commitment requires cooperation among us in the strengthening, nurturing, and planting of local churches.

MARBC Core Values:

  • Theological Heritage—we celebrate and embrace the biblical and doctrinal roots that have given the MARBC stability and vitality.
  • Fervent prayer—we confess that we are completely dependent upon our sovereign God and will promote that dependence upon Him through prayer.
  • Biblical Unity—we stand together in truth and love, realizing that when churches partner together they can uniquely impact the world for Jesus Christ.
  • Ecclesiastical Diversity—we recognize the demographic, cultural, and methodological variety that characterizes the churches within our fellowship, and we will graciously respect the autonomy of each congregation.

The MARBC employs an Executive Ministry Director who serves as a consultant in a variety of areas in order to minister to churches and their pastors. A proven veteran of pastoral ministry, he preaches in churches, writes and edits materials for the benefit of the association constituency, and oversees MARBC ministries. He is available for speaking in churches, Bible Conference ministry, pastoral counseling, pastoral placement, search committee consultations, stewardship consulting, and assists pastors and churches desiring to affiliate with the MARBC fellowship. The MARBC and Executive Director are financially supported through the gifts and regular support of churches and individuals.

An Annual Bible Conference is held in October for the spiritual edification of pastoral couples, families, and local churches. The conference features great preaching, relevant seminars, workshops, and fellowship. MARBC ministry reports and business are also featured at the conference.

Church Partnering Relationships (CPR). CPR is a cooperative effort between sister churches that is “caring,” through a proactive vision of mutual edification; “prayerful,” through initiatives that promote mutual prayer; and, “resourceful,” through practical encouragement by the outsourcing of materials and personnel. Dozens of churches have benefited by their involvement in this special ministry. A brochure detailing the exciting opportunities of this ministry is available upon request.

Church Strengthening Seminars are held to assist church leaders in areas of special competency.

Publishing is another key ministry of the MARBC. A six-page paper, The Baptist Testimony, is published bimonthly and has a circulation of over 10,000. It provides practical encouragement and Biblical commentary while keeping churches informed of news and activities around the state. A website containing information and resources is also maintained by the association,