MARBC Constitution

Constitution of the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches

(Adopted 11/1/49; Amended 11/25/49, 10/66 & 10/68)

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The Name

The Name of this organization shall be the “Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches.”


Design and Object

The design and object of this Association shall be to provide a medium of cooperation among Regular Baptist Churches of the State of Michigan, and to promote the spreading of the Gospel through whatever mediums may seem advantageous.


Fellowship and Voting Privileges

Section 1

Any Baptist Church in Michigan which has endorsed the doctrinal position of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches shall be eligible to affiliate with this Association.

Section 2

Any Baptist Church qualifying under Article III, Section 1, and approving the constitution and bylaws of this association shall submit to the Secretary written official notice to the effect that it desires fellowship in this Association; such application(s) shall be recommended to the Association by the Council at the Annual meeting of the Association.

Section 3

This fellowship may be dissolved for any Church by: (a) The action of the local church, notifying the Secretary of this intent. (b) By a majority vote of the messengers at any annual meeting upon proof of a serious departure from the Articles of Faith or from the provisions of our constitution.

Section 4

Each church shall designate three of its members who shall be entitled to vote at all sessions of the Annual meeting. However, there shall be no limitation to the number of messengers any church may wish to send.


Annual Meeting

Section 1

The Association shall begin its fiscal year on October 1st, and shall end it on September 30th, and shall meet annually the last Monday and Tuesday of October.

Section 2

All business of the Association shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order.


Council Members Amended 10/28/79

Section 1

The Council shall be composed of nine members at large to be elected from the fellowshipping churches at the annual meeting and one representative from each of the local area MARBC associations. The nine council members at large elected at the annual meeting of the MARBC shall be eligible to succeed themselves a second term. Their terms of office shall be for three years arranged so that three are elected each year. The election of the other council members by their own respective associations will allow the person to succeed himself as often as the local association desires.

Section 2

Election: Each fellowshipping church shall be requested to send to the Secretary a list of seven (7) names chosen by the church. From the aggregate list, the Secretary shall record the ten (10) highest names (those occurring most frequently in the lists) who shall be considered the nominees for the council members at large to be voted upon by the messengers at the Annual meeting of the Association.

Section 3

Organization: The council shall meet after the election and during the Annual meeting to select from the Council members at large a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and a treasurer.

Section 4

The Council can be called together as often as the chairman deems necessary. The Council will pay its members mileage driven to the council meetings. After the annual meeting and at the first council meeting the chairman will present appointments to such standing committees as may be deemed necessary for the approval of the council.



Any amendments or alterations to this constitution shall be submitted to the fellowshipping churches by the council at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting. Such changes must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the voting messengers present at the annual meeting of the Association.