About the MARBC

The Ministry of the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches

The Michigan Association of regular Baptist Churches came into existence on a state level in 1942 for the purpose of providing a medium of cooperation and fellowship among independent, fundamental, Baptist Churches of like faith in order to propagate and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ministry of the MARBC brochure
Ministry of the MARBC brochure
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We presently have 210 churches in our State Association, the majority of which also belong to the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches on the national level. The national Fellowship of the GARBC came into existence in 1932 due to the prevailing influence of liberalism in the old Northern Baptist Convention. The GARBC presently has some 1400 churches and provides many valuable resources including a publishing house, Regular Baptist Press; a global gospel literature distribution called Gospel Literature Services; a Chaplaincy Service sharing God’s Word with our nation’s armed forces; and an international partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries.

The MARBC is an Association of sovereign, Bible-believing, Christ-honoring, Baptist churches with each local church being autonomous in its own affairs and decision-making. We meet together once a year in October at our Annual Bible Conference. Because Michigan has such a large number of churches we have 6 regional fellowships that meet quarterly in their respective areas (Western, Eastern, Northern, Southern, Central, Grand Rapids Association). The churches in the Upper Peninsula meet regularly for prayer days and fellowship.

The Council of Fifteen consists of nine members at large elected to three year terms from the fellowshipping chuches and one representative from each of the area associations. The State Representative serves as a resource person for pastors and churches, ministers in churches, edits the state paper, The Baptist Testimony, and oversees state ministries. He is available for pulpit supply and Bible Conference ministry, and encourages and assists pastors and churches desiring to affiliate with our Fellowship. The MARBC is financially supported through the gifts and regular support of our churches.