Proposed Constitution and Doctrinal Statement revisions

The Council of 15 makes the following recommendations for revising the MARBC Constitution and Articles of Faith. These changes are meant to acknowledge constitutional amendments that have been made since the last major revision of the constitution in 1979 and to add the purpose and vision strategies adopted by the Council of 15 five years ago. Currently the MARBC does not have its own Articles of Faith and has simply referred to the GARBC Articles of Faith in its constitution. The new Articles of Faith are based upon the current GARBC Articles of Faith with slight modifications of wording and textual support. The first reading of the proposed revision was delivered on October 28, 2008 at the business session of the MARBC Annual Conference. The proposal will be presented for ratification at the 2009 MARBC Annual Conference on October 27, 2009.

MARBC Constitutional Revision Presentation [PDF file]
(This is the slide presentation delivered at the 2008 MARBC Conference)

MARBC Proposed Constitution Revision 2009 [PDF file]

MARBC Proposed Doctrinal Statement Revision 2009 [PDF file]

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