MARBC Talents for Christ 2009

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For further information or questions regarding Talents for Christ, contact our Michigan coordinator, Pastor Ken Pyne by Email or phone (734) 946-5680.

The registration deadline for the state competition is March 1st.

Download the Talents for Christ promotional packet including all details, rules and registration forms:
Word file PDF file
(right click the link and select “Save As”)

You can also go to the GARBC Talents for Christ website for rules and details.

MARBC Talents for Christ competition will be held at West Cannon Baptist Church in Belmont, MI (Grand Rapids area) on Saturday, April 25

Talents for Christ season is here. Even now several MARBC teens are joining with others across the county in preparing for the 2009 Talents for Christ competition.

We thank God for our MARBC Talents for Christ coordinator, Pastor Ken Pyne (Evangel Baptist Church, Taylor).  Ken has prepared a Talents for Christ packet, available here for download.  This packet includes detailed information regarding TFC participation, registration forms, etc.  Please download this material, personally promote TFC, and pass this information along to those who will be involved in leading and participating in TFC.

Pastors and ministry leaders are strongly encouraged to encourage your young people to participate.  The preparations themselves help develop godly discipline and character.  The results of this preparation allow our youth to minister in meaningful ways in several settings.  With the opportunities for scholarships from participating colleges in the Scholarship Division and scholarships for participating MARBC camps in the Open Division, there are also practical benefits for TFC participation.  Award details are included in the downloadable packet.

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