MARBC Quiz Program

Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches (MARBC) Quiz Program.

The goal is that the children both learn and hide God’s Word in their heart. It is our desire that what they learn is not just for a month, or a year but for life.

Pastors and churches in the MARBC are invited to consider becoming a part of the Quiz Program as a tool to teach our children the Word of God and to get to know other young people from fellowshipping churches. You may find more information on the MARBC Quiz Program website or contact John Rasmus the MARBC program director by email.

The Quiz Program has two age brackets, Elementary and Teen. Pictured below is the Quiz Meet held on May 5.

The elementary teams which competed were Alto A and Alto B with B coming in first place and A second. They were the only elementary teams in competition and both from our church. We certainly would like to encourage other churches to get their elem. kids involved. See John Rasmus.

The Teen teams also competed. Their were three teams that made it to the finals, Caro, Evangel (Mighty Men), and Lowell. Alto took fourth place. Caro came in first, Evangel second and Lowell third.

Scott Hoekstra Alto A
Alto B Alto B
Evangel Mighty men Alto teens
Caro-Varsity Sr High final 3 teams
Individual Awards  

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