Ken’s Road Report

From The Baptist Testimony – Volume 59 Number 3 Third Quarter 2013Also see: The Word Has It and News & Notes

Sep. 8 First Baptist Church, Holland

Sep. 15 First Baptist Church, Holland

Sep. 17 MARBC Council of 16 meeting, Calvary Baptist Church, Lansing

Sep. 19 Kent City Baptist Church, Kent City, ordination council

Sep. 22 Grace Baptist Church, Canton

Sep. 23-25 Baptist Bible College and Seminary trustee board meetings

Sep. 28 Closed Door Ministries board meeting, Grand Rapids

Sep. 29 Orangeville Baptist Church, Plainwell

Oct. 6-10 Baptist Bible College and Seminary, speaker at Fall Bible Conference

Oct. 13-16 Office closed, time with family for nephew Trevor’s open-heart surgery in Cincinnati

Oct. 21-23 MARBC-OARBC Joint Conference, Toledo, OH

Oct. 27 South Baptist Church, Flint, MI

Nov. 10 Hamilton Baptist Church, Hamilton, MI, 50th Anniversary Sunday

Nov. 18-20 Council of 18 meetings, Schaumburg, IL

Ken is actively booking for 2014 if you would like him to speak or minister in your church.

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