Speaking and Ministry Schedule

Ken Floyd ministry photo 2011

Ken Floyd, MARBC Ministry Director

Ken is scheduling Sunday speaking ministries in 2018 and beyond. He has a few dates available in late 2017. He is available to share in special ministry seminars, consultations, and pastoral search orientations.

Ken’s upcoming itinerary:

August 28 First Baptist Church, Holland, MI (leadership meeting)

September 7 Calvary Baptist Church, Ludington, MI (ordination council)

September 10 Calvary Baptist Church, Ludington, MI

September 12 MARBC Council of 16 meeting, Calvary Baptist Church, Lansing, MI

September 17 Munising Baptist Church, Munising, MI

September 19 UP Regional Pastors’ Gathering, Munising Baptist Church, Munising, MI

September 23 Closed Door Ministries board meeting, Jenison, MI

September 24 Herring Lake Baptist Church, Frankfort, MI

October 1 Calvary Baptist Church, Battle Creek, MI, a.m. service

October 1  Montrose Baptist Church, Montrose, MI, p.m. service, pastor installation

October 15 Berlin Baptist Church, Marne, MI (building dedication service)

October 23-25 OARBC Annual Conference, Shawnee Hills Baptist Church, Jamestown, OH

October 29 First Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant, MI

October 30-31 MARBC 75th Annual Conference, Forest Hills Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, MI

Contact Ken for speaking and ministry information

We are extremely grateful for your prayer support as Ken and Sharon travel and minister.

2017 CPR Projects are now being Coordinated. Will you help?

The MARBC office has been contacted by churches interested in assisting a church in need of CPR assistance. The assistance offered includes both ministry and building related projects. Please contact the MARBC office soon so that projects can be coordinated with these willing churches.

Contact the MARBC Office for CPR assistance and/or information

We thank God for projects already arranged for this year that involve DVBS, outreach, and building projects.

Two Special CPR Projects for your consideration

Pastor Phil Devaney, Britton Bethel Baptist Church in Britton, shares that due to a storm earlier this spring the church needs to re-roof our parsonage and perhaps the car-port at the church as well. The church already has the materials, but needs laborers to do the roof project. The project is scheduled for June 1-3.

Pastor Devaney shares, “Sadly, our knees ache from hours of kneeling and prayer, and our backs hurt from carrying many burdens over the years (in other words, we are old). If you could assist us, we would love to hear from you.”

Contact Pastor Phil Devaney at: (517) 451-5415.

Email Pastor Phil Devaney for more details

Pastor Scott Kroeger, Colon Baptist Church in Colon, shares that the church is preparing for a roofing project this spring. Would you and your church be willing to assist this sister church with funding, materials, and/or labor for this important project? Often several churches partner together to help meet such a need, which is the purpose of the CPR Ministry.

Email Pastor Scott Kroeger for more details

Be sure to inform the MARBC office if you have a special need that can be assisted by a CPR partnership, or if you would like to participate in a CPR project.

The Ministry Vision of the MARBC

SMARBC Regional Association Quarterly Meeting

Ken Floyd, Ministry Director of the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches, has drafted a strategic ministry plan for the next 10 years of the association’s ministry. You are encouraged to click the link to download and then review the powerpoint presentation which summarizes this presentation.

Download the MARBC Ministry Vision 2016-2025 PowerPoint File (Right Click, Save As)

Or view the presentation slides here:

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Resources on Pastoral Sabbaticals

A collection of resources on Pastoral Sabbaticals.

Pastoral Sabbaticals by Maynard Belt

PDF Download Pastoral Sabbaticals by Rich VanHeukelum (PDF)

Audio of the message by Dave Culver “A Win-Win R2R”, The Value and Benefits of a Pastoral Sabbatical from the 2010 MARBC Annual Conference

PDF Download The handout from the MARBC Conference by Dave Culver on Pastoral Sabbatical Policies (PDF)

Homosexuality, Same-Sex Marriage, and related issues

Homosexuality, Same-Sex Marriage, and related issuesThe current issue of the Baptist Bulletin carries three articles dealing with various aspects of this critical issue. “Same-Sex Marriage: What the Bible Really Says” (Gary Gromacki), “Talking to a Rights Advocate” (Jay Lucas), and “Talking to the Gay Community” (Erwin Lutzer) deal with the topic from a Biblical apologetic.

In recent meetings with ministry leaders and in personal correspondence with pastors there has been much discussion regarding these matters. Church leaders are encouraged to carefully and prayerfully review their official church documents (articles of faith, covenant, constitution, policy manuals, etc.) to ensure that there are proper statements present to deal with the new issues pertaining to same-sex marriage and other issues related to sexuality. Documents and policies should include clearly stated membership guidelines, which may include the prohibition of membership for those engaged in homosexual practices and homosexual/civil unions. Additional statements should deal with prohibiting such activities on any church owned property. Wedding and marriage policies should also be reviewed to ensure that there is specific language to cover these areas of concern.

-Ken Floyd

Caring As Churches – “The CPR Initiative”

From The Baptist Testimony – Volume 54 Number 5 May 2008

Caring is a key dynamic of “Church Partnering Relationships” (CPR).  So far a dozen partnerships involving 24 churches have been arranged for this summer.  Remember to uphold these opportunities regularly in prayer in the weeks ahead.  Prayerfully consider ways in which you can be personally involved in demonstrating godly care for others this summer.

Church Partnering Relationships with 3 primary goals:
Caring:  a proactive vision towards mutual edification
Praying:  regular sharing of requests and initiatives that promote mutual prayer 
Resourcing:  embracing the mission of practical encouragement by outsourcing materials and personnel [Read more…]

Ministry of the MARBC brochure

MARBC Ministry BrochureLearn more about the ministry of the MARBC

Get this informational brochure detailing the ministry of the MARBC.

Click here to download this brochure (PDF)

Get more information here: About the MARBC


A Working Consensus of the Grand Rapids Association of Regular Baptist Churches
Adopted: December 13, 2006

Download this document in these two formats: PDF DOC

Guidelines and Procedures for Ordination

Church Partnering Relationships – “CPR” Summer 2008 Ministry Testimonies

We rejoice in the many CPR Initiatives that took place between sister churches in Michigan this summer. The following are some of the testimonies shared by those churches involved in these strategic partnerships. Other churches were also involved in CPR initiatives in addition to the ones cited in these articles. […Read more]

The Baptist Testimony – Volume 54 Number 3 March 2008

The Word Has It
“Strengthen me according to Your word,” Psalm 119:28
Ken Floyd
MARBC State Representative

March's Word: “Relationships”

Recently, while accompanying my wife Sharon and daughter Allison on a shopping expedition in preparation for Allison's upcoming June wedding, I stopped in a book store and did some browsing. On this particular visit I spent most of my time in the historical section and focused upon volumes dealing with wartime events. I left the bookstore once again captivated by the several stories of raw courage and human drama. [Read more…]