Church Ministries Conference 2012


“Serving on Main Street,” Dr. Charles Ware, President of Crossroads Bible College, will be the keynote speaker. The conference will be held on Friday-Saturday, March 9-10, at Calvary Baptist Church, 1200 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI. In addition to the main sessions, there are almost 100 different workshops available relating to various aspects of church ministry.

Registration information will be online soon at:

Maynard Belt’s

Rev. Maynard Belt, former MARBC State Representative of 16 years is now publishing the Barnabas File as well as other articles and helpful studies at his website You may wish to subscribe to website updates there to be notified whenever articles are added.

Church Ministries Conference 2009

GRARB Church Ministries Conference | March 13-14, 2009 | Calvary Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, MI

Visit the Church Ministries Conference 2009 website for more details

The Church Ministries Conference exists to equip and energize lay and staff ministers for service in and through the local church. In 2009 our focus is moving Beyond Fellowship to embrace all that God has called us to be as His church. We have over 100 workshops that are designed to help you in your area of ministry, whether it is children, youth, teaching adults, women’s ministry, worship, missions, or evangelism. [Read more…]

Randy Gilmore –

Randy Gilmore spoke at the 2008 MARBC Annual Conference on Biblical Conflict Resolution.

His website with several resources is available at

The notes for Randy’s second session can be found on the website by clicking here.

You can also download the audio from those seminar sessions here:

Super Seminar #1 – Biblical Conflict Resolution, Part 1 – Randy Gilmore

Super Seminar #3 – Biblical Conflict Resolution, Part 2 – Randy Gilmore

Our MARBC Churches

If you’re looking for a church you’ll likely find and MARBC church in your part of the state.

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MARBC Quiz Program

Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches (MARBC) Quiz Program.

The goal is that the children both learn and hide God’s Word in their heart. It is our desire that what they learn is not just for a month, or a year but for life.

Pastors and churches in the MARBC are invited to consider becoming a part of the Quiz Program as a tool to teach our children the Word of God and to get to know other young people from fellowshipping churches. You may find more information on the MARBC Quiz Program website or contact John Rasmus the MARBC program director by email.
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Talents for Christ

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GARBC Talents For Christ website

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