Change Agents for the New Year

Practical Ideas for Growth

Read through the Bible in a year. Why not consider reading through the Word of God this year? There are several formats and ways to accomplish this. Many study Bibles include reading schedules. Many ministries offer a folded daily record that you can keep in your Bible. I have recently enjoyed a paperback Bible entitled, “The One Year Chronological Bible.” It includes daily scripture readings that allow you to read the Bible books from an historical, chronological perspective. This allows the reader to appreciate, for example, how particular Psalms, prophecies, and epistles, fit within the historical record of the text. Perhaps you desire this year would be to read through the New Testament in a year (possibly including the poetical and wisdom literature of the Old Testament.) Some may choose to focus upon an in depth study of a certain section of scripture. Whatever you decide, make 2007 a year to focus upon the Word of God!
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