A Quote For Pastors From Calvin’s Commentary on I Peter 5:4

“And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.”

“Except pastors retain this end in view, it can by no means be that they will in good earnest proceed in the course of their calling, but will, on the contrary, become faint; for there are innumerable hindrances which are sufficient to discourage the most prudent. They have often to do with ungrateful men, from whom they receive an unworthy reward; long and great labors are often in vain; Satan sometimes prevails in his wicked devices. Lest, then, the faithful servant of Christ should be broken down, there is for him one and only one remedy – to turn his eyes to the coming of Christ. Thus it will be, that he, who seems to derive no encouragement from men, will assiduously go on in his labors, knowing that a great reward is prepared for him by the Lord. And, further, lest a protracted expectation should produce languor, he at the same time sets forth the greatness of the reward, which is sufficient to compensate for all delay: an unfading crown of glory, He says, awaits you.”

Pastoral Priorities – I Timothy 4:13-16

  1. Public reading of the Scriptures
  2. Exhortation through your preaching.
  3. Don’t neglect the teaching of doctrine.
  4. Meditate upon these things (the above).
  5. Give them priority in your life.
  6. Pay close attention to your lifestyle and to your doctrine.
  7. Continue faithfully!

A Sermon Thought For Christmas

“Wisemen Still Seek Him”
Introduction: If the wisemen in Matthew 2:1-12 could still speak – what would they say to us today? Let me share with you what I think they would say – I think they would say:

  1. Welcome the leading of God’s Light – Mt. 2:9 (Results in Salvation)
  2. Worship the Lord – Mt. 2:11a (Results in Sacrifice)
  3. Wrap up your best for Christ – Mt. 2:11b – (Results in Service)
  4. Walk a different road – Mt. 2:12 – (Results in Separation)

Conclusion: The wisemen still speak – are we listening to what they say? -MHB

A Minister’s Self-Examination

  1. You have heaven to win or lose yourselves…A holy calling will not save an unholy man.
  2. You have sinful inclinations as well as others.
  3. You have greater temptations than most men.
  4. The tempter will make his first and sharpest onset upon you. If you will be leaders against him, he will spare you no further than God restrains him.
  5. Many eyes are upon you, and therefore there will be many to observe your falls.
  6. Your sins are more aggravated than those of other men. They have more of hypocrisy in them.
  7. The honor of your Lord and Master, and of His holy truth, doth lie more on you than other men.
  8. The souls of your hearers and the success of your labors, do very much depend upon your self-examination.

-Richard Baxter

Shepherds Lead

The Lord calls men to shepherd His flock. But nowhere in Scripture does God call His people a herd. They are a flock, and the leaders are called shepherds. There is one distinctive thing about sheep: they cannot be driven. You can drive a herd of cattle….but you cannot drive sheep. They must be led!

How Andrew Murray Worked through Trials

Andrew Murray (1828-1917), going through a very painful experience in his life, penned these words for himself. Maybe they can encourage you today:

“First, He brought me here, it is by His will I am in this strait place: in that fact I will rest. Next, He will keep me here in His love, and give me grace to behave as His child. Then, He will make the trial a blessing, teaching me the lessons He intends me to learn, and working in me the grace He means to bestow. Last, in His good time He can bring me out again-how and when He knows. Let me say I am here….by God’s appointment, in His keeping, under His training, for His time!”

God Is Always Up To Something

God goes deeper than our deepest valley, is larger than our largest trial, brings light to our darkest hours, and is always at His best when we are at our lowest. Stay in the Word, search and guard your heart, and trust in the days ahead as you have in days past. God may be up to something that you would have never thought. John 15:7 Psalm 57:1