Casting a Vision: What the MARBC Is About

Our Mission

The MARBC, compelled by the Word of God to reflect the glory and grace of Jesus Christ, exists to foster the mutual unity, partnership, and enrichment of our churches.

Our Vision

We are the MARBC, an association of autonomous local congregations with a commitment to stand together for the Faith and thereby impact our world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This commitment requires cooperation among us in the planting, nurturing, and strengthening of local churches.

  • Church Strengthening – providing resources and opportunities to all MARBC churches
  • Church Nurturing – providing assistance and support to MARBC churches in need
  • Church Planting – conceiving and birthing new MARBC churches

Our Values

Theological Heritage – We celebrate and embrace the biblical and doctrinal roots that have given our fellowship stability and vitality.

Fervent Prayer – We confess that we are completely dependent upon our sovereign God and will promote that dependence on him through prayer.

Biblical Unity – We stand together in truth and love, realizing that when churches partner together they can uniquely impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Ecclesiastical Diversity – We recognize the demographic, cultural, and methodological variety that characterizes the churches within our fellowship, and we will graciously respect the autonomy of each congregation.

Our Goals

Church Strengthening Goal

  • By God's grace, we endeavor to proactively clarify our associational identity.

Church Nurturing Goals

  • By God's grace, we endeavor to compile detailed information about our association churches that are in need (personal, financial, physical, spiritual) and, upon request, develop a strategy to meet these needs.

Church Planting Goals

  • By God's grace, we endeavor to develop a proactive church planting strategy.

Our Plans

The respective Church Strengthening, Church Nurturing, and Church Planting Committees will develop appropriate plans to meet these goals.

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