Baptist Testimony – Volume 52 Number 4 – May 2006

From Where I Stand
Maynard H. Belt
MARBC State Representative

Don’t Forget Our Mothers!

Some time ago I noticed Ann sitting on the edge of the bed, with moistened eyes and a forlorn look. When I asked what was the matter, she quivered, “Today is my Mom’s birthday and I miss her.” With a gentle hug I shared that I missed her too. Several years earlier she had had a massive stroke and entered into the presence of the Lord at 76 years of age and I had the privilege of officiating her celebration service. My Mother passed away on Christmas Day, 1978, at the young age of 58. We both expressed how we missed our mothers and think of them often, for some reason, more so as we get older.

Mothers are very special people and should not be forgotten but honored, just as the Scriptures state (Eph. 6:2). In one church I pastored, Mother’s Day always brought the largest attendance of the year. Children and grandchildren, even many who were wayward, would always honor their mother and grandmother on Mother’s Day by coming to church with them. It was a great opportunity to preach the gospel and emphasize the importance of walking with Christ. That same church also provided carnations for everyone present, white ones if your mother was still living and red ones if they had passed away. It was always a very special day of the year and we always tried to make it that way.

It is still my conviction that mothers of all ages should still be fussed over on Mother’s Day. Older mothers need to know that they are appreciated and younger mothers need to be encouraged. Husbands and fathers also need to be reminded that the “wives of their youth” are very special and need to be treated as such. Reared in an unchurched environment I did not have much exposure as to how mothers ought to be honored. After becoming a Christian, and especially a Christian husband, I learned much through observation on emphasis given to wives and mothers in the local church, as well as the many Bible messages I had to prepare on such special occasions. Following is a story I often shared with husbands:

Perhaps mothers should come with a maintenance agreement which provides for a complete overhaul every five years, three kids, or 300,000 miles whichever comes first. Here are several points which ought to be included:

Fuel–while most mothers will run indefinitely on hot coffee, pizza and hamburgers, an occasional gourmet meal for two in elegant surroundings will add immeasurably to increased efficiency.

Motor–a mother’s motor is probably one of the most dependable anywhere. A mother can start and reach top speed from a prone position at a single cry from a sleeping child. To keep that motor at peak efficiency, regular breaks are recommended. A leisurely bath and nap every 1,000 miles and a two week live in sitter every 100,000 miles will do wonders.

Battery–batteries should be recharged regularly. Roses, candy, or other thoughtful and unexpected gifts often do the trick.

Chassis–a mother operates best when her chassis is properly maintained. Her wardrobe should be changed as needed every fall and spring. Regular exercise should be encouraged and provided for. A complete change of hairdo and makeup should be part of the regular maintenance. When the chassis begins to sag, there are a number of possible remedies, including racquet ball and Weight Watchers.

Tune-ups–mothers need regular tune ups. Compliments are both the cheapest and most appreciated. By following these simple instructions, the average mother would last a lifetime, providing love and caring to those who need her most!

Mother’s Day is a special opportunity to give tribute where tribute is due, even as Jesus, while on the cross, was sure to provide for His mother by committing her into the care of John. Our dear young mothers need to be encouraged that their labor is not in vain, even as Abraham Lincoln said, “No man is poor who has had a godly mother.” They are of the tribe of Eve, the mother of all living (Gen. 3:20).

Many years ago when our children were young, I was preaching a Mother’s Day message from Proverbs 31 simply entitled, “The Proverbs 31 Woman.” Through that message the Lord impressed upon my own heart what a very special mother my children were blessed to have, and what a special wife the Lord had given to me. Thus, as part of that sermon based on Proverbs 31, I penned a poem and read it in honor of her and all the mothers on that very special Mother’s Day morning. It was simply called “A Husband’s Tribute.”

Thank you, Lord, for providing, unworthy though I be,
Such a tender, loving wife to go through life with me.
Her character is spotless, her faithfulness is true,
Her fear of You is respected, Your guidance she does pursue.
She spends hours reading, and teaching, Your Holy Word,
Implanting redemption’s story, making our children assured.
She toils without a murmur, from morn to darkest night,
Accomplishing numerous, endless tasks, that are never out of sight.
Her deeds are mostly for others, she seldom asks for a return,
Her time is spent most wisely, and always inspired by concern.
Her children will call her blessed, because of her Christian life,
Though now they’re too young to grasp the heart of a mother and wife.
To her I give this tribute, my thanks, my every praise,
May the Lord continue our happiness, ’til on His face we gaze.

On Mother's Day don't forget the Mothers! For rest assured, they have never forgotten us!

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