Book Browsing With Belt – November 2004

From MARBC MESSENGER – Volume 4 Number 23 11/2/04

Preaching To A Shifting Culture
12 Perspectives on Communicating that Connects
Edited by Scott M. Gibson – Baker Book House

There is no question that our pastors need to read this very important book for the church in America today is truly a part of a changing culture, and we must be prepared to engage the unique issues of our postmodern age, and to do it biblically. This book includes 12 chapters by different men who can help us communicate the Word of God is a way that will keep the interest of our people. Be sure to check this volume out.

Before You Move
A Guide to making Transitions in Ministry
John R. Cionca – Kregel Publications

This is a revised and expanded edition of the previously published title Red Light, Green Light: Discerning the Time for a Change in Ministry.” I was very disappointed when that edition went out of print for I shared it with many pastors seeking to discern God’s leading in their lives. Calvin Miller in his forwards states, “Read this book carefully, but never lend it. There may come a needy night when its wisdom will be for yo the only light in a passage of darkness.” Well, I did lend mine out, and it took almost forever to get it back. I am not lending out this new edition so you better go out and buy one. When you call and ask for assistance in knowing whether it is time to go or stay, I will say to you, “Did you read ‘Before You Move?'”

Discovering the Way of Wisdom
Spirituality in the Wisdom Literature
E.M.Curtis & J.J. Brugaletta – Kregel Publications

This is a very helpful, insightful and practical look at models for spiritual growth found in the wisdom books of the Old Testament. With clarity and depth, the authors explore essential principles for spiritual growth including developing self-control, nurturing good relationships, practicing fairness and justice, speaking appropriately, and responding properly to difficulty and suffering. A book worthy of consideration to help meet the day by day needs of your people.

The Minor Prophets
An Ironside Expository Commentary
H.A. Ironside – Kregel Publications

For many years pastor of the historic Moody Memorial Church in Chicago, and visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Ironside has left us many valuable expository studies on various books of the Bible. Many are beginning to be reprinted for a new generation and I am glad to recommend this volume on the Minor Prophets. It was very helpful to me in my early days of ministry in trying to bring understanding to my people on the wonderful truths of these men of God and their ministry to God’s chosen people. When you study the Minor Prophets, have Ironside by your side.

Exploring The Epistle of Jude & Exploring Galatians
The John Phillips Commentary Series
John Phillips – Kregel Publications

These are two separate volumes but I am listing them together. I hope that you have become acquainted with the expository commentaries of John Phillips. I would encourage you to have all of them in your library. I thoroughly enjoy his two volumes on the Psalms. These volumes are good for pastors and Sunday School teachers and are filled with doctrinally sound interpretation that emphases the practical application of Bible truth. His commentaries study the text and its meaning and includes detailed outlines and numerous illustrations and quotations.

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