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The Baptist Testimony – Volume 52 Number 10 – December 2006

64th Annual MARBC Conference Highlights

“Challenging Servants for Changing Times!”

This years annual conference, held October 23-24, was memorable for many reasons. Because of this year’s historic transition of state representatives for our MARBC Fellowship, the theme for our conference included timely messages on The Changing of the Guards in Scripture. The opening message was delivered by outgoing state representative Maynard Belt entitled, “The Changing of the Guards,” using as an example the intimate relationship of Elijah and Elisha.
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MARBC News & Notes – December 2007

CASS CITY, First Baptist Church (Pastor Eric Holmgren) – “125 Years of Holding Forth the Word of Truth” was the theme of the annual missions conference held November 3-5. The conference began with a delicious dinner followed by a power point presentation on the history of the church. A long list of names was read of members who have gone out to be pastors, pastors wives, youth workers, missionaries, and other Christian workers. The church has a rich heritage of sending forth laborers into the field. Missionaries Jeremy and Jodi Smith (CBM), Patrick and Ruth Neff (Friends of Israel), and Ben and Dani Jacobs (BMM) challenged the congregation to be a light in their community, to reach out to the Jew, and to put force to their faith (move out for Christ). Those attending the conference were richly blessed by the testimonies of the missionaries and the preaching of the Word.
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