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Baptist Testimony – Volume 52 Number 6 – August 2006

From Where I Stand
Maynard H. Belt
MARBC State Representative

THE NATIONAL GARBC CONFERENCE was held this year, June 27-30, in the capitol of our State, Lansing, MI. Hundreds of Regular Baptists gathered to hear good sound Bible teaching and preaching centered around the theme, “Reflecting God Among the Nations.” Joining us for this year’s conference were our brothers and sisters from the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association (FBFA). Speakersand leaders from both Fellowships participated in the general sessions and workshops. On Tuesday prior to the beginning of the conference more than 100 were in attendance for the Pre-conference Ministry Symposium on “Reshaping Global Missions in the 21st“. Seven new churches were added to the GARBC Fellowship including the Cloverdale Baptist Church, Pastor Joshua and Leillani Rager, Fruitport, MI, which came into the MARBC last fall. Two resolutions were approved by the messengers on “Biblical Preaching and Teaching“, and “The Integrity of the Biblical Canon.” You will find these printed in the September issue of the Baptist Bulletin along with conference highlights, business matters and election of new members to the Council of Eighteen. You may also visit the GARBC website ( for details and messages delivered during the week. One challenging sermon was by one of our own, Pastor Mike Eleveld, Berean Baptist Church in Portage, who preached on “Good Ambassadors“, from II Corinthians 5:16-21.
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