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Baptist Testimony – Volume 52 Number 4 – May 2006

From Where I Stand
Maynard H. Belt
MARBC State Representative

Don’t Forget Our Mothers!

Some time ago I noticed Ann sitting on the edge of the bed, with moistened eyes and a forlorn look. When I asked what was the matter, she quivered, “Today is my Mom’s birthday and I miss her.” With a gentle hug I shared that I missed her too. Several years earlier she had had a massive stroke and entered into the presence of the Lord at 76 years of age and I had the privilege of officiating her celebration service. My Mother passed away on Christmas Day, 1978, at the young age of 58. We both expressed how we missed our mothers and think of them often, for some reason, more so as we get older.

Mothers are very special people and should not be forgotten but honored, just as the Scriptures state (Eph. 6:2). In one church I pastored, Mother’s Day always brought the largest attendance of the year. Children and grandchildren, even many who were wayward, would always honor their mother and grandmother on Mother’s Day by coming to church with them. It was a great opportunity to preach the gospel and emphasize the importance of walking with Christ. That same church also provided carnations for everyone present, white ones if your mother was still living and red ones if they had passed away. It was always a very special day of the year and we always tried to make it that way. [Read more…]

MARBC Quiz Program

Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches (MARBC) Quiz Program.

The goal is that the children both learn and hide God’s Word in their heart. It is our desire that what they learn is not just for a month, or a year but for life.

Pastors and churches in the MARBC are invited to consider becoming a part of the Quiz Program as a tool to teach our children the Word of God and to get to know other young people from fellowshipping churches. You may find more information on the MARBC Quiz Program website or contact John Rasmus the MARBC program director by email.
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