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Baptist Testimony Volume 51 Number 9 October 2005

From Where I Stand
Maynard H. Belt
MARBC State Representative
The Courage to Stand!”
“Do not be dismayed before their faces…”
Jeremiah 1:17

Well, dear friends, once again we are just around the corner from our 63rd Annual MARBC Conference which will be hosted this year, October 24-25, by Pastor Mike Eleveld and the dear folks at the Berean Baptist Church in Portage. You will enjoy their beautiful facilities and certainly will enjoy their gracious hospitality. The very first MARBC state meeting took place in 1942, exactly 10 years after the initiation of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches in 1932. Since our inception this Fellowship of churches has stood strong for the “fundamentals of the faith.” I am very pleased to be part of an association that has had courage to stand against the onslaughts of these great Scriptural truths. I thank the Lord that through the years our pastors and churches have been faithful to the cause of Christ. Being fully aware that the devil is still about his business we must also be about ours, being good keepers of the faith, until our Lord comes again. [Read more…]