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2014 MARBC Conference

2014 MARBC Conference

2014 MARBC Conference will be held in conjunction with the Pastors’ Seminar at West Cannon Baptist Church, October 20-21, 2014.

Dr. Voddie Baucham and Dr. Gary Gilley will be the keynote speakers and will speak on topics related to spiritual formation and the conference theme ‘Metamorphosis,’ Romans 12:1-2.

Conference and registration information will be posted soon.

Joe Murray, Church-Planting Recruiter

Joe Murray Church-Planting Recruiter Read Ken Floyd’s article about Joe Murray recently published on the Baptist Bulletin website.

Homosexuality, Same-Sex Marriage, and related issues

Homosexuality, Same-Sex Marriage, and related issuesThe current issue of the Baptist Bulletin carries three articles dealing with various aspects of this critical issue. “Same-Sex Marriage: What the Bible Really Says” (Gary Gromacki), “Talking to a Rights Advocate” (Jay Lucas), and “Talking to the Gay Community” (Erwin Lutzer) deal with the topic from a Biblical apologetic.

In recent meetings with ministry leaders and in personal correspondence with pastors there has been much discussion regarding these matters. Church leaders are encouraged to carefully and prayerfully review their official church documents (articles of faith, covenant, constitution, policy manuals, etc.) to ensure that there are proper statements present to deal with the new issues pertaining to same-sex marriage and other issues related to sexuality. Documents and policies should include clearly stated membership guidelines, which may include the prohibition of membership for those engaged in homosexual practices and homosexual/civil unions. Additional statements should deal with prohibiting such activities on any church owned property. Wedding and marriage policies should also be reviewed to ensure that there is specific language to cover these areas of concern.

-Ken Floyd

Security Issues for Places of Worship

Security Issues for Places of Worship

The Michigan State Police Training Academy is presenting a one-day seminar on security issues in places of worship. This course will include a number of segments presented by members of the Michigan State Police who specialize in those areas. The course is ideal for clergy and others who are involved or may become involved in maintaining security at their facilities. [Read More...]